Steven Bannon is a Lit Bomb in the Mouth of American Democracy | Jennifer Senior | The Atlantic, June 6, 2022

"The chaos and the focus, the pugnacity and the enthusiasm, the transparency and the industrial-grade bullshit. Also, the mania: logomania, arithmomania, monomania (he’d likely cop to all of these, especially that last one—he’s the first to say that one of the features of his show is “wash rinse repeat”). Garden-variety hypermania (with a generous assist from espressos). And last of all, perhaps above all else, straight-up megalomania, which even those who profess affection for the man can see, though it appears to be a problem only for those who believe, as I do, that he’s attempting to insert a lit bomb into the mouth of American democracy."

Jennifer Senior doesn't hesitate to use obscure language that required me to refer to the dictionary a lot. That might impress the Pulitzer Board and the majority of her audience but I find it off-putting. Nevertheless, this article offers a worthwhile look at Bannon and Senior's opinion of him.
- kjl