Russia’s QAnon Followers Can’t Make Up Their Minds About Ukraine | Aiganysh Aidarbekova | excerpt of article published April 15, 2022

Many QAnon channels around the world have regularly praised Russia’s war since it began. They see the invasion as an effort to take down the international “Cabal” around which QAnon’s conspiracy theories are centred. They posit different ideas on the war’s goals, whether it’s to destroy US “biolabs” in Ukraine they claim are inventing a new Covid-like disease, or that it is about preventing the ‘Great Reset” which supposedly seeks to use the pandemic to destroy capitalism and install a one world government.

All of this supposedly makes Russia an ally in this fight and the invasion a war against all evil, for all good.  

A Telegram post reads: “Vladimir Putin has upset this balance of theNew world order… the balance as people like… Klaus Schwab…Bill Gates… want it” posts a UK channel

To be clear, some prominent Russian QAnon channels seen by Bellingcat do also appear to have been echoing the same themes as their global counterparts and continue to post seemingly in favour of the war, while others seem indifferent.

But others have been seen dismissing many of the most widely-held QAnon-related conspiracies related to the invasion itself, revealing a split in how the topic is viewed in the small but active Russian QAnon community.