Volodymyr Ishchenko | Video | Zelensky May Have to Make “Painful Compromises” to End the War | March 23, 2022

"[I]t can end in various scenarios. [N]uclear war is...possible. [T]urning Ukraine into a kind of Afghanistan...is also possible. [T]here could be a partition of Ukraine..."
"...[T]he United States and the EU could help at this moment [by] giving Ukraine a very clear prospect of EU membership...

"[I]f the U.S. strategy would be only about weapons and sanctions, that means that they would only prolong the war. And that would mean only more Ukrainians would be dead, killed by the Russian army. Only more cities in Ukraine would be destroyed, and less of the Ukrainian economy would survive. And so the weapons and sanctions should be absolutely necessarily combined with a very active brokerage of a peace settlement between Ukraine and Russia."